Interactive Video


Interactive Video Overlays sit on top of a video content and can feature engaging experiences like carousels.

Best Practices

Overlay Copy
We suggest keeping important information like text, logo and CTA in a side, top or bottom overlay. This will allow the key information to always be in view, while not distracting from the video.

Any design elements that appear outside of the overlay space on the video should be timed specifically and distinguishable from the video.

Carousel Content
We suggest keeping carousels to a maximum of 6 products.

Design Specs

Retina Dimensions – Top Overlay1600×200
Retina Dimensions – Side Overlay200×900
Retina Dimensions – Bottom Overlay1600×200

Design Assets

Existing Media Files.psd or .ai
Fonts.otf or .ttf
Logos.png, .jpg, .psd or .ai
Images.png, .jpg, .psd or .tiff
AnimationStoryboard, existing html5, or written concept
Interaction DirectionStoryboard, existing html5, or written concept
CopyApproved copy only
CTAApproved CTA only
Video or .mp4
Initial Video Length6, 15 or 30s

Ad Server Specs

File TypeVPAID
Max File Size10MB
Max Initial Video Length6, 15 or 30s
Max Interacted Video LengthUnlimited
Frame Rate30 fps