The Engagement Packages pairs our most immersive formats: Mobile Engage and Desktop Engage. Both executions feature standard banner creatives that expand over the user’s device when interacted with, encouraging a high engagement rate.

Mobile Engage

Desktop Engage

Best Practices

Messaging Structure
We suggest messaging that leads the user to click on the pre-expanded standard banner, teasing the user to more messaging in the expanded state. This can also come across in the CTAs with a “Click to Expand” CTA on the pre-expanded state and a “Learn More/Shop Now/Etc” CTA on the expanded state.

In the expanded state, use the canvas to feature multiple interactive capabilities, including carousels, photo galleries and video players.

Videos with a length of 6 or 15s typically see a higher completion rate, but the unit can hold up to 30s of video content.

We suggest using as little text as possible to allow your branding and imagery to shine. Keep copy as close to the following suggestions:

  • Headline (100 characters)
  • Additional copy (100 characters)

If you would like to include more text than suggested, consider animating to break up the content and allow the user to process smaller pieces of information, always ending with the CTA.

We recommend a CTA with no more than 20 characters and to keep the CTA visible at all times so the user is encouraged to click through.

For the pre-expanded state, we can accept HTML5 files but we cannot edit provided HTML5 files. If these are to be edited we need the PSD files.

We can also design these from scratch using provided assets.

Design Specs

Mobile Engage
Pre-Expanded Retina Dimensions640×100, 600×100, 600×500
Expanded Retina Dimensions750×1333
Expanded Retina Safe Area750×1333
Desktop Engage
Pre-Expanded Retina Dimensions1940×500, 600×1200, 600×500, 1456×180
Expanded Retina Dimensions1920×1200
Expanded Retina Safe Area1920×1200

Design Assets

Existing Media Files.psd or .ai
Fonts.otf or .ttf
Logos.png, .jpg, .psd or .ai
Images.png, .jpg, .psd or .tiff
Animationstoryboard, existing html5, or written concept
CopyApproved copy only
CTAApproved CTA only

Ad Server Specs

EnvironmentDesktop, Mobile Web & In-App
File TypeHTML5
Initial File Size250kb
Max File Size2.2mb
Animation30s max
Loops3 max
Frame Rate24 fps