Multi-Audience Prospecting


When prospecting for new customers, use DCO to personalize creative to underlying audience based on audience characteristics (such as affinity or in-market, demographics, region, etc.).

For example, as a motorcycle brand you might want separate copy and imagery for the customers in your target audience who are adventure seekers and for those who are more interested in driving technology.

Use Cases

What’s needed to work

1. Decision Matrix

A decision matrix is a list of audiences to be prospected, and the pieces that will appear dynamically in the creative that are related to each audience.

Decision Specs

Preferred Delivery MethodXLS, CSV

2. Creative

There are two types of creative elements needed for dynamic creative:

Creative Master

This is a shell that sets out the look and feel of the creative, and will contain all of the static assets

Creative Assets

These are the specific pieces that should be dynamically slotted into the creative.

Existing Media Files.psd or .ai
Fonts.otf or .ttf
Logos.png, .jpg, .psd or .ai
Images.png, .jpg, .psd or .tiff
Animationstoryboard, existing html5, or written concept
CopyApproved copy only
CTAApproved CTA only


Creative Design

Initial Design5 days
# of Revisions2 max
Revisions Turnaround48 hours

Creative Development

Initial Development5 days
# of Revisions2 max
Revisions Turnaround48 hours

Asset Mapping

Creation5 days

Creative Trafficking

Review and trafficking48 hours