MiQ Chatbot

Programmatic Conversational Ads

How it works

Chatbots are custom, interactive conversational ad formats that drive engagement through pre-determined paths based off of campaign goals. These are a high-impact solution for reaching consumers through natural conversation, regardless of industry or KPI.

Branding & Awareness

Prospecting & Consideration

Qualified Segmentation

Mobile Web, In-App & Desktop

Rich Insights

Best Practices

Text Recos
About 125 characters max for each bubble
Up to 3 bubbles max before a user interaction
We recommend 1-2 bubbles for every interaction

Background imagery should be kept as simple as possible as text overlays the canvas space.

We recommend using a logo, brand mark or mascot as an avatar for the conversation.

We can place our own or a client’s pixels on each interaction. A unique pixel would need to be made for each event to be tracked.

Design Specs

Retina Dimensions600×1200, 750×1333
Safe Area600×1200, 750×1333

Design Assets

Existing Media Files.psd or .ai
Fonts.otf or .ttf
Avatar Logo.png, .jpg, .psd or .ai
Images.png, .jpg, .psd or .tiff
Conversation DirectionWritten concept

Ad Server Specs

EnvironmentDesktop, Mobile Web & In-App
File TypeHTML5
Initial File Size200kb
Max File Size2.2mb
Animation30s max
Animation Loops3 max
Frame Rate24 fps